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08/22/2018 Video to DVD

Home Video was such a pleasure to work with. Recorded wedding memories (video segments and pictures) were edited and transferred to DVD with pleasing special affects and music added which will be treasured as the years go by. Thank you again Tony.

- Charles Eberling from Wellington, Ohio

08/20/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I had 25 3' 16mm reels plus 1 7' reel transferred to flash drive..They did a quality job with the transfer plus added music ...and gave me help over the phone when I was having problems copying to another flash drive..Thanks to HVS I can watch some old family movies whenever I want..

- Dennis Easterday from Elyria

06/22/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video is very professional and fairly priced. I had them put my church's videos and film onto digital format and this will be used for our 75th Anniversary of the parish of St Jude Church in Elyria. I still have work for them to do and I will be back soon to complete the project. You can take your precious memories on film or other format to them with complete confidence that the job will be done with professional quality. The owners are very helpful and friendly to help guide you through the process when necessary.

- David Hintz from Elyria

06/22/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Became a customer when they were working out of their home office. As their location changed, still in Amherst, they have grown, providing additional services with newer technology. They strive to be available and flexible. Am pleased with their work, especially the converting old VHS family reunions to DVD also the "tweeking" and digitizing of very old photos.

- Nancy M. Meyers from Elyria

05/22/2018 Home Movie Transfer

We took in a VHS to be transferred to a DVD and thumb drive. Service was excellent, quick, and most importantly great quality. Thanks!

- Mark Maynard from AMHERST

04/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I took in over 100 photos to be scanned to digital. Service was wonderful; turnaround time was extremely fast. Quality was way beyond my expectations. Cannot even tell the photos were scanned. They look like actual photos taken digitally. I will be bringing in more photos to be scanned.

- Kathy Horvath from Elyria

03/14/2018 Video to DVD

Great job done by Home Video Studio! The quality of the work is great and there was a miscommunication on my part and they took care of it without any additional charges! Much appreciated and thankful for their efforts!

- William Glover from Kipton

03/13/2018 Video to DVD

For anyone wishing to transfer VHS tapes to a DVD, this is a wonderful place to have it done. Our VHS Wedding and Reception tapes were over 30 years old and had mold on them. I talked to Lori a couple times and she too assured me it would be done. Lori went above and beyond to get our VHS tapes transferred to DVD with what we had. They did a wonderful job and are very customer oriented. Thank you very much Paul & Jeannette

- Jeannette from Republic

03/12/2018 Video to DVD

They did a wonderful job of putting my son's football and baseball games on DVD's and was able to get done in time for his birthday party! Thanks!

- Tammy Gordon from Elyria, Ohio

02/08/2018 Video to DVD

My mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary was last weekend. Thirty five years ago we had their film (reel) transferred to VHS. Mom found it 2 days before our celebration. Melendez video was happy to accommodate us and got the video transferred quickly! It was well finished in a beautiful case and was very much appreciated. They are wonderful people and a class act! I recommend them highly! In fact- we will have our own wedding video to transfer along with tapes from our children's early days! We will be back!

- Michelle Veneman from Amherst

01/24/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I am so excited to watch the videos after 20 years. Happy holidays. I will keep in touch.

- Russell Wilson from Lorain

01/21/2018 35mm slide transfer

For anyone wishing to transfer slides to a DVD, this is a wonderful place to have it done. For Christmas I wanted to get my husbands Vietnam slides made into a DVDs. We are talking 49 yrs. just sitting there! Tony did a fantastic job with music and picture behind picture. I'm not sure how to describe that but it was really cool. I waited a little late for this to be done but he assured me I would have it for Christmas. I talked to Lori a couple times and she too assured me it would be done. Well, they had family emergencies and were just slammed with work at the studio. On Christmas morning I get a text from Lori saying "Santa just left you a package on your doorstep" they delivered it to our house on Christmas Day! I could hardly believe they would go out of their way to do something so nice. It shows what nice people they are and I am already planning on what I will have done next!

- Jill Richter from Oberlin

01/21/2018 Video to DVD

Hi Lori and TonyJust wanted to thank you for making the football DVDs for me. Our son loved them and we enjoyed watching Amherst football from 20 years ago. Such a treat to hear your sons name called out and watching him scoring touchdowns!! You have done other DVDs for us (wedding) and I have recommend Melendez Video to our friends. You know I will be back

- Peggy Raesler from Amherst

01/11/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio transferred a box of old home movies to a DVD as a gift to my sister. Home Video Studio was wonderful from the first meeting. Tony evaluated the old movies, gave a quick, fair quote and provided a fine product in a very short time. The DVD was a hit as a gift to my sister. There were our grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles, cousins and more. The film covered about a decade of our life. We saw the interiors of our home, the details of our neighborhood, and so much more. Tony had added appropriate contemporary to the date music. The DVD was almost 2 hours long. We watched it Christmas day. The DVD included movies of our Christmas morning 60 years ago. What a treat. Home Video Studio under the direction of Tony and Lora is a very professional business. I would highly recommend their services.

- Francine Toss from Oberlin

12/30/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Unfortunately, I became sick after Thanksgiving. Although, I was under the care of a doctor the illness lingered on an on seriously impeeding my Christmas shopping. With hope, I called the Home Video Studio just before Christmas to determine if they could transfer a few home movies as a gift for my sister. I was told that Tony was working literally night and day and it was possible I wouldn't get them transfered to DVD in time. Customer service becomes excellent when expectations are met or exceeded. The The Melendez's produced a quality product. I was surprised with the introduction, the background music, the title and end pages. When my sister opened the DVD on Christmas she had tears in her eyes. It was a perfect gift and now she wants to have all our childhood movies transfered digitally. I really appreciated being treated as a loyal customer from the first meeting. I was provided with information that will be beneficial for my next order. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about preserving their treasured memories, whether on tapes or movies, to visit the Home Video Studio. You won't be disappointed.

- Carol S. Brim from Amherst

12/16/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I was cleaning out my attic this summer with my kids and came across my dads old 8mm film and some pictures and a bunch of old negatives. Well at first I threw them them away. My daughter got them out of the trash and said are you sure you want to do this? Can't you find someone to help you see these? Why don't you think about this for a while and lets see what we can do with them! Then, along came BNI and I was blessed to meet Tony and Lori. They brought my dad and his memories to me. Some so old and did'nt even know them myself until I saw the pictures he had taken. It did make me cry to see things from my dad. I can't thank them enough. They do the greatest work and you can trust them with your precious memories. I encourage all to go to them for all your needs in this area. They really do bring old memories to life!

- Mitch Witherell from Lorain

12/15/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

We are absolutely thrilled to have found Melendez Video Services! We have wanted to have this project done for years and now our dream has become a reality for our family just in time for Christmas!!! Thank you ever so much! Finding your service has been a blessing.

- Robert and Susan Hansen from Amherst

12/02/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

62 years..... that's how old the audio tape was. My parent's wedding and reception tape was an archive of antiquity in our family. But we didn't have a way of recovering it.....until we visited Tony. He was able to capture and digitize a very old reel to reel copy of the wedding. It brought a tear to my eye hearing my grandfather for the 1st time in 30 years (since his passing). And to hear the youthful voices of my (then) 19 year old mother saying her vows to my (then ) 21 year old father was, to say the least, moving. I cannot thank Tony enough for recovering this lost treasure.Martin Smith

- Martin Smith from Amherst

11/10/2017 Video to DVD

WOW! When I called you in hopes of having an old family movie transferred from an old overplayed VHS tape to DVD I never expected what I got. I had hoped for "good enough" and I you delivered "GREAT!" I am over the moon excited with the quality of the DVD. Thank you for preserving a family treasure for generations to come. What a gift! * Fast * Friendly Service * Affordable Rates * Home Video Studios Delivers It All!! Thanks Again!!!

- Denise Monschein from Avon Lake, OH

10/26/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you, Home Video Studio of Amherst, Ohio for such excellent service! I will be recommending you to everyone in need of home movie transfers!

- Kerry Langan from Oberlin

10/02/2017 Video to DVD

I have been a continuing customer of Home Video Studio for several years. Lori and Tony provide excellent service and professional advice. I especially like their personal touch and that they listen to me and honor my requests. I highly recommended them to anyone having video needs.

- Libby Anderson from Amherst

09/18/2017 Video Services

Home Video Studio has been helping me transfer older film to digital format for a few months now. The owners are professional and guided me with the best option for my precious films. I would refer them to everyone wanting their services. Richard Mollison

- Richard from Lorain

08/16/2017 Audio Tape Transfer



08/12/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Tony and Lora are great to work with and did a fantastic job copying my home movies to disc. These were VHS-C, compact format, and they loaned me an adapter so that I could preview the tapes, label and indicate which ones to copy. I definitely recommend them for video services.

- Steve M from Avon Lake, OH

08/03/2017 Video to DVD

We could not be happier with the video transfer done by Anthony and Lora's shop! Not only were the tapes we brought in problematic and old, we hoped for a very quick turnaround time. They did a fantastic job and more quickly than we could even have imagined. Anthony immediately knew the issue associated with the film we brought in and had the appropriate machine to digitally convert it. Thank you so very much, Anthony and Lora, for making our memories last!

- Deborah Campana from Amherst

06/30/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Tony and Lori did a fantastic job of transferring a couple of 8mm reels of home movies my dad took starting in 1967 thru 1971 to DVDs. I was amazed on how great they turned out. I played them to family members, some that were in the movies, some have since passed, so they are great memories for us. Tony went thru the whole process and prices of transferring the films which I appreciated very much. I recommend them highly for their caring and quality service. I'm looking for more to go through their process since these were a success.

- Bill L. from Avon

06/07/2017 Video to DVD

Lori and Tony have done an excellent job for me on transferring VHS home movies to DVD. I even had an 8mm movie transferred to DVD and the reproduction was superb! They do an excellent job on making nice decorative cases for the DVDs with great artwork! They are very nice to talk with and provide a very fair price for services. I would highly recommend them for any video service.

- Rob from Elyria

05/04/2017 Home Movie Transfer

My father died in WWII. Several songs of his were recorded on 78's but were ruined before I could hear them. This always haunted me. A few years ago, in preperation of her funeral, I had asked a professional to video my 92 year old mother. He lost the DVD and I never saw it. I had one more option - an old film from 1958. Tony, who was recommended, sat with me while I selected the 9-minute section and he put it onto ten DVD's. These were sent to my sisters, brothers, and children so they could remember Granny and other ancestors they had never met. Tony added old time music and a loop so it can be used for Mom's funeral. The response from my family has been overwhelming. I am very grateful to Tony that I could give them this. Thank you for your expertise and kindness.

- Joyce Newman from Grafton

04/14/2017 Video to DVD

I had some old VHS tapes converted to DVD tapes and Melendez Video did a beautiful job creating nice labels on the tapes and putting them in a compact case. Outstanding job and I highly recommend Melendez Video.

- Barbara Thomas from Lorain

04/07/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I brought in some old tapes of my wife's. I wanted to surprise her for her birthday. She was very surprised and she was so happy. I am so glad that Home Video Studio was part of this. They did an AWESOME job. We will recommend them to everybody. Thank you again for making my wife birthday great.

- Danny DiBiasio from Amherst

03/30/2017 Home Movie Transfer

This company did a great job on transferring my VHS tapes to DVD at a reasonable price.every thing looks great.i would recommend this company to everyone.

- Miguel Cortes from Lorain

03/08/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

I'm very happy with my CD's that you transferred from cassette tapes that are over 40 years old. I will be seeing you again with more tapes to be transferred ! Thanks to You and Laurie for service. Very Happy, Gail

- Gail Donaldson from Seville

03/08/2017 Video to DVD

I recently had some old videos of my son's Amherst varsity basketball games put on DVD's. We were both thrilled with the professional quality and the memories! I would recommend Tony and his studio to everyone! Kathy Michaels

- Kathy Michaels from Amherst

03/04/2017 Video to DVD

Thanks so much for saving my video keepsakes. Thank you again Kevin Madigan

- Kevin from Amherst

03/01/2017 Video to DVD

Lora and Anthony were very easy to work with. Great work!

- Julia from Sandusky

02/28/2017 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for transferring my VHS tape to a DVD. It is of very good quality, and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you!

- Carol Morrow from Wakeman

02/16/2017 Video to DVD

Tony and Lori are the best! They go beyond to add extra touches that make the final product great. I look forward to using Melendez Video again.

- Elizabeth from Vermilion

01/26/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Tony & Lora are your "Go to" people!! They can accomplish your every need! Thank you both for your sincere care. We loved what you have done for us!!

- Tim & Sally from Vermilion

01/03/2017 Video to DVD

I contacted these fine folk 12 days before Christmas, looking to transfer a large group of family VHS tapes to CD's as gifts for relatives. They were kind, cooperative and prompt. Made Christmas special for us. Thanks!!!

- David A. Myers from Elyria

12/30/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks to Tony and Lori we have a beautiful keepsake video for our grandson's 21st birthday. Using photos i provided they worked tirelessly to complete it within a few days. The music they chose was perfect and we are VERY pleased with the finished product! I wholeheartedly recommend Melendez Video in Amherst for quality and professional service.

- from

12/22/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Tony & Lori for the wonderful job on my families super eight film! The DVD was a delight to watch. Having used other companies for this service - we can tell you took care of our original film & did a spectacular job transferring it to a DVD. Our family has alot more film to transfer. I can not wait to bring more in! These memories are priceless! I will recommend Melendez Video to everyone I know. Thanks again. Anne Yak

- Anne from vermilion

12/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Lori and Tony for a great job preserving my old family movies on a DVD. These are precious memories and you were able to save them in a way that can be viewed again and enjoyed by my family.

- Lori Howard from Avon Lake

12/16/2016 Video to DVD

Very nice owners. We had years of old VHS tapes transferred onto cds, price is very reasonable. Plus inspite of the busy holiday season, I was in a jam and needed cds done within a week and they made sure I had them on time. If you want more personal service , I would recommend Home Videos Studio

- Marcie jaworski from Amherst

12/02/2016 35mm slide transfer

I had some old Kodak Picture negatives. It seemed I would not be able to develop them since they were turning gray. I took my negatives to Lora and she made a remarkable CD out of these childhood pictures. I took the CD to make a photo book for each of my siblings for Christmas. I'm sure its the best present ever.

- Stephanie from Amherst

11/16/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for your amazing service, timely matter and you're brought back memories to me I've missed out on for years!

- Courtney Blake from Amherst

11/16/2016 Video to DVD

My grandpa had told me about Home Video Studio because I wanted to put a home video I had as a child on dvd. Having a business that can save people's life memories is amazing! I work in the Amherst area so I am familiar with the area. Very fast on getting back to you after your order is done! I like that you get a email confirmation and also a call!!

- Olivia Maztasta from Lorain

11/16/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for converting my tapes to dvd! You are well priced and did a beautiful job!

- Nicole Hardway from Lorain

11/16/2016 Photo Videos

They produced a 50th anniversary DVD for my parents. They were easy to work with and did an excellent job. My parents absolutely loved it. I would recommend their services. I think you'll be very pleased!

- Shawn Kline from Amherst

11/16/2016 Photo Videos

Cannot speak highly enough about Tony and the outstanding job he does....I have and will continue to recommend him for people to use when they come to Germans Villa...with our new HD audio visual system---what Tony does is a perfect fit for ANY celebration...Very customer oriented and tremendously courteous and helpful...I wish Tony the very best of luck!!!

- Cliff German from Vermilion

11/14/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you Tony and Lori for transferring our wedding tape on DVD. It is so clear. We can hear what we promised each other!! Haha. Seriously I love my husband. You did amazing work!!!

- Cathy Baaske from Amherst

11/01/2016 35mm slide transfer

We had hundreds of slides from my dad's Air Force days as well as home video to be transferred. Lori and Tony did a great job of getting it done quickly, and they are beautiful!

- Mary Bartek from Amherst

10/13/2016 Video to DVD

Thankyou! You do excellent work.

- Lynn Masony from Avon Lake

09/29/2016 Video to DVD

Tony and Lori are great people to work with. I highly recommend them if you need their services ...very pleased with my video and service, quick too, no long wait time. Sincerely Noreen Gerhardinger .....Elyria, Ohio

- Noreen Gerhardinger from Elyria

09/29/2016 Photo Videos

Hi Tony and Lori, i would like to thank you so much for the care you put into preparing the DVD for my mother's 100th birthday. Adding my cousin's music made it even more special and I am looking forward to sharing it with family at her party. I would recommend anyone wanting to convert pics to DVD to utilize your service. We will be back for another project I have in mind. Thank you again! Fran Smith

- Fran Smith from Amherst

08/07/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We had some 8mm tapes to be transferred to DVD. We were very unsure of what was even on them. You took the time to really put several of the DVDs together and we are very happy with the results. We have spent hours as a family viewing the DVD's. You gave us the opportunity to laugh and remember things we had forgotten and also see loved ones that have passed. We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you for any video process. Its a great way to also enjoy a Staycation. :) Thank You Very Much The Geyer Family

- The Geyer Family from Amherst

08/01/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I got married this past July and wanted a really special and unique gift for my mom and sister. Our dad past away two years ago in December and it has not been easy for us. So I thought what if I transferred all our home movies to a DVD then made a new DVD copy of memories of Dad. Melendez was able to do that and do it quickly. They were awesome with the experience and I would use them again in a heart beat! Thank you!

- Kristen Dyke from Amherst

07/23/2016 Photo Videos

They produced a 50th anniversary DVD for my parents. They were easy to work with and did an excellent job. My parents absolutely loved it. I would recommend their services. I think you'll be very pleased!

- Shawn Kline from Amherst

05/02/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Our family had a wonderful experience with Melendez Video! We have, for several years, talked about getting our old videos transferred to DVD for safe keeping and ease of distribution to our family members... We just never seem to get around to it! Then, the daughter of a very close friend, who passed away 20 years ago, found me on Facebook. I had a video from 1994 that was created when her father and I took a group of students on a therapeutic camping trip. She didn't know that the video even existed! I took this opportunity to start our video transfer process. The Melendez Video family is very professional and took extremely good care of us! Their prices are reasonable and we were just much more comfortable trusting a local business with our precious video than we would have been mailing them away to some unknown company to have them transferred. We highly recommend Melendez Video for and of the services they offer! 5 Stars!

- Darren Conley from amherst

04/12/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

I'm happy with the work Tony and his team did for me. It wasn't an easy job to make a old tape sound good enough understand and use for information I needed. Good job and thanks for the effort. Larry Burgett

- Larry & Maria from Lorain

03/16/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Dear Tony And Lori, The transfer over process came out very well. I especially like how the DVDs and the case artwork look and how the discs store easily in the box and are organized and easy to find by title. Thanks for the great service and fairness in price. I've already told others about your business. Sincerely, Rob

- Rob from Elyria

02/13/2016 Video to DVD

I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the high quality and professional DVD that Home Video created on behalf of my father, Director William Kraus, Sandusky Choral Society which captured their 2015 Annual Christmas Concert. I highly recommend this outstanding organization and give easily give them a five star rating!

- Steve Kraus from Sandusky

02/03/2016 Duplications

I had Melendez Video make a copy of a DVD for me in a hurry. Tony was such a pleasure to interact with! So friendly, courteous and willing to rush my order! I will definitely be going back soon, to transfer all of my old baby videos of my child, from 8mm to DVD. Can't wait!! Thanks again Tony, pleasure to meet you and work with you! :)

- Julie from Amherst

02/01/2016 Home Movie Transfer

First time using Home Video. I had a great experience and the dvds came out wonderful. I have now recommended them to our children and friends.

- John from Lorain

01/29/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did on the tape of my dad from 1974. It is such a treasure to us! You edited out the long pauses between recordings, and even made a separate CD of my dad singing "Just One Rose Will Do". You went above and beyond!

- Sandra from AMHERST

01/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Melendez video all I can say is a huge thank you! Recently I discovered some home movies, I decided to have them made into a disk for Christmas. As my family and I sat around the TV - we laughed, we cried, and shared stories and relived memories we would have never had if it was not for Melendez videos. I wanted to hand my memories, to a real person - not mail them away to possibly never see them again. Tony and Lori and their quality staff handled my memories as if they were their own. I definitely will be using them again! Again thank you Melendez video for your quality work, taking time to get to know me and understand my needs to make memories that will last a lifetime! Lisa Carver

- Lisa Carver from South Amherst

01/14/2016 Video to DVD

We are so very happy with our new DVD's of the family! My mother and father-in-law were thrilled to see the kids in the videos from way back when. Your service was excellent, very professional and helpful. Thank you for giving our family something we can all enjoy! We will recommend you to everyone. Sincerely - Donna & Mike Worden?

- Donna & Mike from Avon

01/08/2016 Home Movie Transfer

The thought of leaving my treasured home videos in the hands of somebody else really made me nervous! But once I met Lori, I knew I could trust her with anything. She was so kind, caring, and professional and was such a joy to work with. Tony and Lori transferred 45 videos for me, and they are so fabulous! I was so pleased with the quality and the presentation -- the way they were cataloged and packaged was just perfect! I was very excited to present them to my 5 daughters on Christmas since the videos were mostly of them growing up. I can't even explain how thrilled they were to receive them! It has been so much fun being able to share these memories together! Thank you, Tony and Lori for the awesome job you did! You're the best, and I would highly recommend you to everyone I know!

- Debi Schoen from Elyria

01/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

This is the third time I have used them. Put old 8 mm movies from when I was a kid and now Just did my own kids as they were growing up to DVD. Very happy and would not hesitate to do it again they do good work.

- Joe Majkut from Amherst

12/31/2015 Duplications

Lori and Tony handled a special family video project before Christmas for us with quick turnaround and above and beyond customer service. You get more than a company with their work, you get people who really care about making you happy. Thanks Lori & Tony for helping make this Christmas a special one1

- Larry Fletcher from Milan

12/30/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

I lost my father in August this year. I would give anything to hear his voice again. After the funeral, while going through his things, I found a tiny tape recorder. At times, the voice on it was faint. I took it to Home Video Studio. Because of their expertise and creativity, a beautiful CD was created. My gift this Christmas was once again hearing the voice of my father. Dad had taken the recorder to Mass. Because of Tony & Lori Melendez my family had the most beautiful gift of all...hearing my dad say, "I love you." "Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name...give us this day our daily bread...Amen." Thank you Tony & Lori for the gift of being able to hear my father's voice again. You are amazing!

- Karen from Elyria

12/23/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for transferring my families old home movies to a format i can finally view. You did a great job and putting background music in to make them more interesting was a nice touch. I will be back! Rose H

- Rose H from Amherst

12/20/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Just sat down qnd watched a portion of the DVD you made from old film reels. Oh how wonderful they are. I love it so much. I will be back with the VHS tapes soon. Thank you so much Kathy

- Kathy Ratliff from Vermilion

12/09/2015 Home Movie Transfer

You and Lori have done an excellent job on the VHS tapes to DVD conversions on what I have brought in. These are memories (like my wedding and Indians game from 9-8-95 with my mom who recently passed) that are very important to me. Again please accept my thanks for the great job you both have done.

- Dave Keefer from Sheffield Lake

12/07/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I brought my patents 8mm film that dates back 50 years. Tony and Lori did a wonderful job and took the time to be sure I was happy with the end product. They are very professional and kind. Our family movies were set to music and turned out wonderful. My mother and siblings were so happy to see the films that dated back to the early 60's. Thank you to Tony and Lori for all your hard work

- Kathleen Mount from Amherst

12/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I asked Melendez Video to transfer several old VHS tapes of family holidays to DVDs. I was impressed with the quality of the work, the speed at which it was done and the very reasonable cost. I did it as a Christmas present and can't wait to see the reaction on my family's faces. Marianne

- Marrianne Riley from Elyria

12/04/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Melendez Video Rated #1 Recently I visited Melendez Video at there facility in Amherst to have my 8mm home movies transferred to DVD. I can only praise their professional results of my home movies. My film was over 20 yrs old and out of order. We sat down with their equipment and made our film a complete movie to be enjoyed by my children and grandchildren for years to come. This DVD is going to be a wonderful gift to my family. Thanks Tony

- Tom Rankin from Kipton

12/02/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Dear Tony and Lori: Thank you so much for helping with our video project. You turned our lost years on 8 mm reels into enjoyable memories on a dvd! Now those years are treasures we can view over and over again and enjoy. Thank you also for your rapid service and great customer service. You guys are great! Muchas gracias! Nick and Haydee Schuka

- Nick and Haydee Schuka from Lorain

11/25/2015 Home Movie Transfer

This is the first time I have used Home Video Service and it was great. Lori worked with me to get the best options I could and this will be a wonderful Christmas present for each of my children. Communication was great. I will recommend their services to anyone who needs them, and I definitely will use their services again. Very professional and friendly. Thanks again for preserving memories we will always cherish.

- Karen Lockhart from Lorain

11/11/2015 Video to DVD

I've had several projects done by Tony and Lori and I can tell you without hesitation that they are the best! The level of expertise,quality and pricing and turnaround time can't be beat. I live about one hour away and I bring all my projects to Tony and Lori. I look forward to working with them for all my Vidio needs in the months and years to come??!

- Frank R from Lyndhurst

10/30/2015 Photo Videos

We have had several projects done for us by you and are very happy with the results. Most recently you did a photo album-to-video commemorating my mother, and you did a beautiful job. It is a family history that all of our children and grandchildren will cherish. Thank you!

- Patricia Kelley from Vermilion

10/10/2015 Video to DVD

Just did our wedding video to DVD for our 25th wedding anniversary. Awesome job and wonderful to work with! We will be back again for sure!

- Lynn Purcel from Amherst

09/13/2015 Video to DVD

I am so excited every time I take a set of old VCR tapes to get converted to DVD. I want my kids to cherish them in the future as I have. The quality is great and the price is fair. They really go above and beyond. Thank you !

- Rene W from Sheffield lake

09/01/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Working with you was great. You knew exactly what I wanted and transferred the VHS to DVD quickly and at a very reasonable price. You are very professional and fun to work with. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much

- Susan Belu from Lorain

07/12/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

I am so glad I came across your services! You did wonders with a project I've needed done for years. You managed to make sense of what I wanted and are working with me and helping me to do more. The finished product was beautiful and I could tell you put thought into what would make it personal for me. Wow. What you do is a blessing to me.

- Sharon M. from Lorain

07/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We have watched most of the movies you did and they are wonderful. Thank you so much for a great job. I'll be in with more soon. Nancy Mason

- Nancy Mason from Lorain

07/10/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had a VHS tape of my dad talking about his WWII experiences. It's been sitting in a box since 2000. I finally had it transferred to dvd and they did a great job. I also got 10 copies made and Lori worked with me on the price because of the quantity. Now I'm inspired to bring in my shoebox of all my other home movies that I haven't seen for the last 30 years. Who knows what I'll find. Why did I wait so long?

- Mary Kay Rak from Avon

07/09/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony and Lori did an outstanding job transferring my 1958 high school football film (16mm) to DVD. It was in pretty bad shape when I dropped it off but they worked their magic and were able to recapture the "Friday Night Lights" memories for me. They also transferred a 8mm family film to DVD for me which my wife and sons enjoyed seeing. I highly recommend their services.

- Jack Haplea from Huron, Ohio

06/30/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, We just completed a week of family gatherings, showing old movies and slides. There were two generations and we cried and laughed like no other time. We watched the little ones grow and then they were old and then watched their little ones grow and now they have little ones....all before our eyes as our "time capsules" of film spilled out the memories. Over 3,000 slides, countless "super 8" films and a plethora of old VHS home movies recorded the victories, the defeats, the tears and the laughter all in a blur of film. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Chuck and Christine Norton

- Chuck & Christine Norton from Huron

06/16/2015 Photo Videos

Tony and Lori, The video was a huge success! Thank you so much for helping me make my Parent's night so memorable Jen

- Jen from Avon Lake

06/16/2015 Photo Videos

Our experience with Melendez Video was top notch. You both were so helpful in putting together an entertaining and touching graduation video. The video was a highlight of our graduation party, and we thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism. You made our video so special, and I would absolutely recommend your services. Kelly Coffman

- Kelly from Amherst

06/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio transferred a 16mm family film from 1962 over to DVD and did a marvelous job! I'm thrilled to have this now viewable on my computer. Good care was taken to the original and the quality is excellent!

- Tom F. from Elyria

05/15/2015 Video to DVD

Great job! I brought in some video to have transferred onto DVD's for a surprise gift. The recipient of the gift was thrilled with the quality. Great service! I'll be back!

- Tamara from Amherst

05/12/2015 Home Movie Transfer

To all potential customers, I have taken several European and an Indian DVD into Lori and Tony Melendez to have them reformatted to play on American DVD systems, and they have always done an outstanding job! The reformatted DVD is very attractive, with the name of the movie, or home video on the disk itself, plus the name of their company on it also. The quality of the recordings are excellent, including chapters, or not, depending on how you want it. You will be very happy that you chose Lori and Tony Melendez to record your videos for you, they do top quality work! A very satisfied customer, Fred Routson

- Fred Routson from Lorain

05/12/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony: Thank you for your time and efforts to get my CD's ready for my daughter's were so patient and gracious. I would definitely recommend you. You and Laurie were both so kind and do terrific work! I will be back again with more projects for you. Marcie Downie

- Marcie Downie from Lorain

05/07/2015 Video to DVD

Toni and Lori have really helped out our company twice with video projects. One was with an old 3/4" U-matic tape to DVD conversion and the other was taking video and producing DVDs and CDs for customer presentation. They were creative in design, extremely helpful, timely and extremely affordable. I look forward to our next project together!

- Jack from Cleveland

04/30/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I`m very pleased with the quality of work and what was able to be saved from our home movies.( They had gotten wet in a basement flood ). It`s fun to watch them now without all the blurred parts. The owners are great and cost is reasonable. I had copies made of favorite movies to give to my adult children and friends as gifts. I like the fact that I can order more copies if needed. Thank You for your service and for being close to home. Johanna.

- Johanna from ELYRIA

03/26/2015 Video to DVD

thank you so much for bringing mine and my mothers memories back to life for us!!

- courtney Blake from amherst

03/23/2015 Home Movie Transfer

A second trip to Melendez Video was just as great as my first trip there. Tony and Lori do a great job every time! This time was more of my husbands Navy pictures from 8mm to DVD. I can only hope to find more of my family memories to transfer.

- Marilyn Farmer from Sheffield Lake

01/31/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

We were extremely happy with the quality and quickness of the service. Your company offers a large variety of video services and is great to work with. Ted

- Ted from Wellington

01/28/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We were very pleased with the friendly folks at Home Video Studio. Our movies were fun to watch after they were transferred to DVD. It has been many years since we have gotten to watch them with our sons. Great work and well done. We will be back!

- Marilyn Farmer from Sheffield Lake

01/20/2015 Video to DVD

My grandpa had told me about Home Video Studio because I wanted to put a home video I had as a child on dvd. Having a business that can save people's life memories is amazing! I work in the Amherst area so I am familiar with the area. Very fast on getting back to you after your order is done! I like that you get a email confirmation and also a call!!

- Olivia mezatasta from Lorain

01/17/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with finished project that I had completed by Home Video Studio. I had my son's wedding transferred from a VCR tape to a DVD. The DVD is very clear and well done. The original VCR tape was from 1997. The owners are very friendly and professional. I plan to use them again in the near future. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to everyone. Sincerely, Rosanne Farlow

- Roseanne Farlow from Amherst

12/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I am SO HAPPY with my video project from Home Video Studio. They took very old (40+ years), 8mm film and made my childhood, and my now deceased patents, come alive again. I love and will treasure this video. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will use Home Video Studio again and highly recommend their services.

- Lori W from Norwalk

12/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer

After my mother in law passed away, somewhere along the way my husband gained possession of over 20 home videos. 8 mm's in a variety of lengths and conditions. Some of them are nearly 60 years old. We had planned for the worst and hoped for the best when putting these into the hands of Toni and Lisa. What we got back in return was nothing short of stunning. Breathtaking. Priceless. With so many of the family members no longer with us, it was an absolute joy to watch the DVD with my husband and his brothers and sister to relive some special memories. The shared moment of watching them as a family will be forever cherished. We are grateful beyond words. Sincerely, the Chesbro Family

- Shelly Chesbro from Sandusky

12/06/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you for the wonderful job you did in transferring my miles and miles of 8mm film and video tapes to DVD Disc. You have preserved 57 years of memories to pass on to my children and I know they are going to be thrilled with their Christmas gifts this year.

- BOB from Grafton

11/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for your work on the audio and video memories of my family. It was so great to be able to see everyone again and relive the memories.

- Nancy from Brunswick

11/05/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks Tony You did an amazing job with a VCR that was over 33 years old When we came into your business, you made us feel like family having coffee over the kitchen table It was a warming experience We appreciate the time you took to ensure that our tape was perfect Thanks again Pete and Michele

- Pete & Michele from Amherst

10/23/2014 Home Movie Transfer

"After the passing of my Father, we had many, many slides and old videos and we did not want to see them stored away because of the great family history they told. We were referred to Melendez Video who converted all of the media into DVD's -- we can now enjoy this special legacy with our families and with generations to come. They took a great deal of time and care to ensure that all the media was converted and even included music from the period to enhance the viewing experience. We are thankful for the work that they did for us, at reasonable cost, to preserve what could have easily been discarded and lost forever. They are a pleasure to work with and are fair in their dealings with the customer."

- Dennis Ulrich from Cincinnati

10/15/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks for your excellent work transposing some old family VHS tapes into DVDs that I gave my husband for his birthday. He was surprised and delighted, and we both had a great time traveling down memory lane together!

- Mary from Oberlin

10/03/2014 Video Services

Tony & Lori did a remarkable job taking my 35 mm slides (that were created 36 years ago) and creating a wonderful slide show on DVD with music. The project was masterfully produced and exceeded my expectations! I will be taking other projects to them in the future.

- Tom Annable from Amherst

08/30/2014 Video to DVD

Great job, now we can watch home movies on our computer that we haven't seen for many years!

- Lisa from Galloway

08/17/2014 Video to DVD

Hi Tony & Lori, I am so glad I finally got the time to take all my old video's to be transferred to DVD, especially our wedding video and some other very old family videos. Best investment we ever made! We just watched the 1st tape of my children when they were little and right at that moment my husband said, "worth every penny". The CD's turned out great and the quality was excellent. I am now on a mission to get all my old tapes on DVD. The memories are priceless. Very affordable and done in a timely professional manner. We are very pleased with the service and can't wait to get them all transferred over. Thank you again, Donna & Rodney Meadows

- Donna Meadows from Avon

05/08/2014 Video to DVD

I had alot of home video for over the past 20 years. I wanted to take them and have them transfered so my son could see his grandpa and grandma. I took them into Home Video Studio to get transfered and what a great job things. Very welcoming when we went into the store. It's very family orientened and kid friendly. They even gave my son an apple and he watched cartoons. I was told they would be done in 2 weeks and they were done. I received a call from Lori to pick them up and was told that she was able to put a few of the videos on the same DVD which saved me some money. When I picked them up Lori showed me how they turned out and placed them in a fantastic DVD holder that was labeled for me. I love being able to have everything I need in Amherst and I will continue to support the local businesses in Amherst as I believe this is what keeps our town great. Thanks again from our family to yours !!

- Lori Nekich from Amherst

04/14/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We had Home Video Studio transfer a number of old home movies onto a DVD. The transfer included different film types as well as having both sound and silent movie segments. The transfer of the movies to DVD were really good.I should add that Pam and I forgot what was on some of the movie rolls and to see them on DVD was just precious. It brought back so many fond memories. To preserve those movies meant a lot to Pam and I. The memories of seeing those old movies come alive on DVD were precious not only for us, but to our children and extended family. I want to add that Tony and Lori were great to work with on our project. I would highly recommend them for projects such as ours. However, I should also add that this project was the third project with Home Video Studio.

- William Eltrich from Lorain

03/31/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I have an old tiny video tape I wanted to have C D's made from it. I didn't know where to go to have it made so I asked around . Everyone I asked told me about Home Video Studio in Amherst. It was easy to find and i parked right in front of the store. When I went in I was greeted by Mrs. Melendez. She was so sweet and kind and answered all my questions. I was all set to wait a couple of weeks to have the C D's finished but to my surprise they were done in three days!! I will also say the cost was minimal. I will definetly go there again and have told all my friends to go there too. I am so happy with their work. Barbara Prechtel

- Barbara Prechtel from Elyria

02/17/2014 Duplications

Walking in the door of Home Video Studio, I was greeted and welcomed by Lori. Their service is professional, timely and I highly recommend them. A sign of good, honest, quality service is one that you go back to and are willing to write a testimonial for. Thank you.

- Kathy McKean from Lorain

02/11/2014 Video to DVD

I want to thank Tony and Lori for the very nice job they did on transferring some old 8mm to DVD. It was good to discover that a service was available "right in my own backyard!" Lori thank you for the personal touches you added to help organize the hodge podge of video contained on each cassette. You did an excellent job!

- Marilyn Parker-Jeffries from Lorain

02/11/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with the professional service that was provided to me at the HomeVideo Studio. I trusted my only copy of my wedding video to the hands of strangers. I couldn't have been more pleased with their work!! The turn around time was also exceptional!!! I will definitely use them again!!!(: -Angi-

- Angi Borthwick from Lorain

01/17/2014 Home Movie Transfer

They were very personable, professional, and helpful. They took an interest in my project and provided updates. I will not hesitate to use them again! Thanks!

- Neil freak from Vermilion

01/06/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I was really worried about the old super8s from my grandparents. I was so pleased when I saw the final product! You took such great care in transferring the films to DVD! Thank you so much for helping our family recover those very precious images.

- Pam Rutar from Amherst

12/21/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Over the past 3 years my family home videos have come to life for our family, thanks to the careful creation of 3 sets of DVDs of my children in the 60s, 70s & 80s by Tony & Laurie from the Amherst Home Video store. My son was so excited about activities with his friends that he plans to copy those sections and send to his high school friends. Because they also put a finished version on an external hard drive for me, I'm working on a family movie edited from their digitized footage which is flicker-free and even color corrected when necessary. I tried making some digital video copies of my 8mm & Super 8 mm movies in the past but getting them transferred professionally is so much better. Would highly recommend the Melendez' copying services. Jeanne McKibben Oberlin, OH

- Jeanne McKibben from Oberlin

12/19/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I recently had a large amount of home movies transferred to DVD's. Some of the movies were 50 years old. Working with Tony and Lori was a wonderful experience and they did a fantastic job with my treasured memories. I can now watch and enjoy them as often as I like. Seeing deceased family members and friends again, and seeing my adult children as babies was truly heartwarming. Thanks Tony and Lori for a great job!

- Ginny Koba from Lorain

12/14/2013 Video to DVD

I ran across an old VHS of "wrestling highlights" of my grandson's high school days, and thought it would be great idea to have it converted to a CD, and give it him as a surprise. Since he graduated in '03 and all but forgot about the 'good ole days', he was really surprised, and appreciative. We both sat there watching these highlights and it brought back so many great moments for both of us. I also want to thank Home Video Studio for how great this video turned out. Their service, and quality of work is outstanding....and delivered on time. And what a great idea to have these old VHS tapes (which probably just lay around the house in these modern days) converted to CDs for bringing back memories, and reminding us of the 'good ole days'. Thank you Tony and company. John M.

- John Manion from Huron

12/14/2013 Video to DVD

Lori, Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did transferring our wedding onto a DVD. Would highly recommend you, to anyone that ask about your place of business. Or anyone looking to have old movies put on a DVD. Lori is very professional and well not call you in till she is satisfied with her work. Thanks again we really appreciate everything you did. Brad and Eleanor Boden

- Eleanor from Amherst

11/30/2013 Home Movie Transfer

We used Home Video Studio for the transfer of VHS C tapes to a DVD. The quality of the DVD is amazing but also there were scenes to select from so we could go right to a particular portion of the DVD to view. Tony and Loir do amazing work and we'll be taking our wedding tapes to be transferred to DVDs as well. It's nice to have such a great resource located in Amherst, Ohio. Thanks for the great work! L Skalsky

- L Skalsky from Amherst

10/15/2013 Duplications

Duplications or editing certain images always came out perfect comming in soon for more discs , Thanks, Lori Thomas Oursler

- Lori Oursler from Amherst,ohio

10/13/2013 Duplications

I came into Home Video Studio with a broken VHS movie and asked them to put it on a DVD. They not only fixed my broken tape but they duplicated it on a DVD for me. The most impression thing was they had it ready for me within 24 hours. Quality product within 24 hours. Second time I've used them for video duplications. I won't go to any other video company after dealing with them. Top notch company that I highly recommend.

- Willy Csincsak from Amherst, Ohio

07/12/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Recently I took my Wedding Video and a home video to the Home Video Studio to be transferred to DVD's. They were very flexible,helpful, and professional. The work was done in less than 2 weeks just in time to celebrate our anniversary. Our family enjoyed getting together to watch the home video also. I am sure I will be bringing them more videos to transfer in the future.

- Becky from Lorain

06/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I recently had my wedding video transferred to DVD by Home Video Studio and couldn't be more pleased! I knew My aging videos needed to be updated but didn't want to send them out not knowing where they were going, who would be handling them and if they'd make it back in one piece. So I trusted HVS with our wedding memories and got our DVD fast and the quality is great. I can't wait to take the rest of our videos to be transferred so we can enjoy them too. Trustworthy, friendly, professional service- thanks HVS for taking such good care of our memories and making it so that we can share them with our whole family!! Brenda Kilbane

- Brenda Kilbane from N. Ridgeville

05/05/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Your work is truely amazing and totally professional

- John Sekletar from Amherst Ohio

04/30/2013 Photo Videos

Tony and Lori, Just wanted to say thanks again for the fabulous job you did on the picture frame and DVD. We couldn't be happier! Our mom enjoys looking at the photos everyday. The way you put the dvd together with the music and collage of pictures behind each photo was awesome. When you hand over cherished photos or movies its nice to know they will be handled with quality and care and the end product will be just what you wanted and more. We will definitely use you for all our future business and recommend you hightly to family and friends. Thanks again, Jay and Christine Bandersky

- Jay & Christine from Amherst

04/23/2013 Photo Videos

Tony and Lori put together a video for me for my boyfriend's 40th surprise birthday! They are wonderful! They both took a great deal of time with me to make sure it was exactly what I had in mind! They are the perfect combination of professional and personal. They make you feel like family! I would recommend their services to everyone I know!

- Michelle from Avon

04/23/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony and Lori-- I couldn't be happier with the job you did for us on our videos. You went above and beyond, not only copying the videos from VHS to DVD but you made customized labels for each DVD. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks again for preserving our family memories for the next generations! Debbie Shattuck

- Debbie Shattuck from Vermilion

01/14/2013 Home Movie Transfer

For the past several months Home Video Studio has been helping to create the most memorable and precious gifts for my family members. Tony and Lori Melendez have transferred hours of 8 mm films and videos from my childhood as well as my adult life with my own children. The DVDs have been providing hours of entertainment for my 90 year old mother who is housebound. They bring her such joy as we sit together and watch family memories with ease on her TV. My grown children are also thrilled to have their lives preserved on DVDs. They no longer have to deal with the hassle of viewing videos through a make-shift camera to TV format. The DVDs made wonderful Christmas gifts this year. It is such a pleasure working with Tony and Lori. They make you feel so welcome in their store. No job is too big or too small. They are always so accommodating and pleasant. Their new location in historical downtown Amherst is very convenient and charming. I have been highly recommending the Home Video Studio to family and friends. Great job Tony and Lori! Kathy Thomas Avon Lake, Ohio

- Kathy from Avon Lake

01/07/2013 Home Movie Transfer

After years of collecting dust, I finally took my box of 41 VHS tapes out of the box in the basement, and took them to Tony and Lori. I passed them on and in a few weeks got the back, organized, labeled, and put together in a very professional manner. I know can watch these precious tapes, and I am very thankful that I finally grabbed those tapes and took them to Amherst. Thank you Tony and Lori, we will be back again. It is great to watch the videos, finding many that I certainly forgot that we even had.

- Bill McGrain from Valley City, Ohio

01/05/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was so happy to see that we had a Home Video Studio in our town.My father had pasted away 13 years ago but I just came across his 8mm film that he had taken of us from the 50's & 60's. I was so happy when I picked up the CD's to find there was so many other films that I had never seen before. It was so much fun to see my father and uncle's fishing and my father hunting. To see his smile again is amazing. I hope to find others that I can take to Tony and Lori they did a fantastic job.

- Kathy from Amherst

12/20/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was so excited to learn of a business in Amherst that would transform my super 8 films to a DVD, Pictures and films are of my family are very important to me as a wonderful keepsake. Home Video Studios make two of the most perfect discs of my children's lives. I was so happy with the quality. I would recommend Home Video to anyone and have the utmost trust in leaving my cherished films with them.

- Debby Romes from Amherst

11/15/2012 Video Editing

Tony and Lori Melendez are absolutely delightful with whom to work. I had three VHS videos that were made at my Navy retirement ceremony and reception, each video was taken from a different angle by various people. None of the videos had the entire ceremony. Tony did an amazing job of capturing the entire ceremony. He took the best video and audio from each tape and seamlessly put it together into one complete DVD. I had photos and various other writings and music that I also requested be added to the video. He did a superb job in pulling it all together to make an awesome video that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thanks Tony and Lori, you are the best!

- Gail Shinsky from Lorain

11/09/2012 Photo Videos

Tony and Lori created a wonderful photo DVD we used to surprise our son and fiancé at their rehearsal dinner and wedding. We literally gave them our precious pictures from both families and they did the rest. The music they selected was perfect The DVD exceeded our expectations and everyone who saw it thought it was fantastic. Both Tony and Lori were great to work with and we highly recommend the work they do. We will not hesitate to use their services again.

- Bill & Pam Eltrich from Lorain

10/21/2012 Audio Tape Transfer

I went to see Lori and Tony about transferring a VHS to Dvd of my father. It was the last time he was on film before he died. Tony and Lori did an awesome job for me! They answered my questions and addressed my concerns. They treated my order like it was their own. They were faster and cheaper than any of the "box" stores and the quality was incredible! I will definately use their services again!

- Karen from Amherst

08/16/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We just recently picked up our VHS tapes transferred to archival quality DVDs by Home Video Studio. We watched the first DVD of our wedding last night. It turned out beautifully. The added feature of scene selection on the DVDs is nice. Tony and Lori Melendez were so personable. Customer service is big with me, and they provided that. The DVDs were done in a timely manner. I will be driving to Amherst with our next set of VHS tapes in the months ahead to take advantage of their services again. Both my husband and myself were very pleased and highly recommend them.

- Kris Dinovo from Sandusky

08/14/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I had Home Video Studios transfer dozens of my home movies from VHS to DVD. The idea of giving someone my extremely precious home movies scared me to death, so for years I just let them accumulate. Finally, I realized that technology was changing and I had to find a way to convert my collection. I searched and searched for the perfect place. Home Video Studios was it! They were professional but most of all, they added that personal touch that made me feel as if they truly understood the value of my tapes. They didn't just ship them off someplace to get done! Tony and Lori did everything right where I left my tapes, and the quality was absolutely perfect...I mean, PERFECT! I will never go anywhere else. They are a family business that understand the true value of family memories!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

- Angela Padilla from Oberlin

08/08/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We were so pleased to have our Beta video transferred to a usable DVD. The customer service at Home Video Studio is terrific, an added bonus.

- Kim from Oberlin

08/04/2012 Video Production

Working with Tony and Lori was great! Tony was very flexible to work around my busy schedule. He went above and beyond to make sure our video was high quality HD video. I will definitely work with Tony & Lori again on future video productions.

- Tim Debronsky from Amherst

03/27/2012 Video Editing

Our organization turned to HVS for assistance with updating and editing an existing video, and we were very pleased with the outcome. Tony and Lori were great to work with, paid attention to every detail, and created a final product that works very well for us. We look forwad to working with them again in the future on other projects.

- Mike McGill from Strongsville

12/26/2011 Duplications

I sent an old VHS tape that was twisted and stuck in the VCR to Home Video Studio for repair and then transferred to a DVD. They returned the item to me fee of charge and all within a week!!. I am very pleased with their responses to my email and serviced. Would highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone.

- Eva Potter from Chagrin Falls

12/06/2011 Home Movie Transfer

We finally got around to transferring movies my grandparents took in the 50's. What a wonderful treat for the family! The music incorporated into the DVD was PERFECT and the films transferred remarkably well! We will definitely be using Tony and Lori again! We've told all of our friends as well!

- Laurel Mazurek from Amherst Twp.

11/03/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I gave this video from old 8mm film of my husband's family on Christmas Eve. Both my husband and his brother were thrilled to see all the old home movies. When I saw the video, I was so touched by all the time and care that was put into these family memories it by this studio.

- Kathy Tabaj from Sheffield Lake

08/18/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with the results of transferring super 8 movie films from the 1960's to the modern media form of DVD's. The color restoration was great, and the titling and appropriate music really made for a very enjoyable show for our family. Thank you for doing a great job. Jack Love

- Jack Love from Wooster

03/23/2011 Home Movie Transfer

We couldn't be more pleased with our movie transfers. Who wants to get out the 16mm AND 8mm AND super8 projectors, and risk damaging 50-year-old films? Now we can just pop in our DVDs and skip past Uncle Don's swim trunks fashion show! It was a pleasure to work with Tony and Lori - very personable and professional.

- Andy from Lakewood

02/09/2011 Video to DVD

We are so pleased with the service, expertise, and professionalism Home Video Studio provided in transforming our digital images into a stunning DVD. We now have a permanent memory of our trip to share.

- Anita & Bette from Avon Lake OH

01/08/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Instead of a Christmas gift exchange, my family decided to have our home movies transfered to DVD. We shared the expence, and have preserved very special memories! We had a wonderful holiday watching movies we have not seen in over 30 years! Thank you

- Kim H. from Amherst

12/19/2010 Home Movie Transfer

If you're like us, you've been putting off transferring old family movies for years. We finally took the plunge and had hours of movies digitized. Home Video Studio did a wonderful job, and best of all, they're local. We played our DVD's at the last family gathering, the laughter and tears sharing family memories was amazing. Dig out those 30,40 and 50 year old home movies and have Lori and Tony transfer them and enjoy them at your next family celebration.

- Rich Bort from Avon

04/23/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Just a note to say I am very pleased with the DVD (transfer from 8 mm film). Nice intro and background music, you definitely display professionalism in making the transfer. My family and I will enjoy these movies to a long time.

- Roy Johnson from Amherst

01/26/2010 Photo Videos

My son-in-law's family and his Navy career were made into a photo video with music that was just beautiful. Home Video Studio did a fantastic job and I highly recommend their services.

- BarbThomas from Lorain

01/16/2010 Home Movie Transfer

The transfer of our home movies to dvd has given us hours of renewed pleasure reliving memories. The quality is excellent, your service is excellent and the timing was prompt. Thank you. We are very pleased and are happy to recommend your work.

- the Edelsteins from Avon Lake

01/12/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for doing such a fabulous job on our home videos! They will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. Your work is so professional and meticulous, with great attention to detail, and you were such a pleasure with which to work! I will recommend you to everyone, and I look forward to working with you in the future! Very sincerely, Arlene Oley

- Arlene Oley from Vermilion, Ohio

12/02/2009 Photo Videos

Thank You so much for the photo video. It was awesome! We really appreciate th work you did to make it a memorable moment for our wedding day! Love , Jeannine & Michael

- Jeannine & Michael from North Ridgevill

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